Despite the colour, my accommodations in Dar are luxurious. I share my apartment with two other guys, both working at the Aga Khan Hospital. There is AC, a flat screen television, surround sound, a fully equipped kitchen, washing machine and en suite bathrooms.

My room mate: “So you’re moving to Lindi? Enjoy the luxury while you can.”

*Edit – I just realized that, due to the as yet to be reliable internet, the PICTURE of the Pepto Pink Room was not posted. So here it is. I know you’ve been frantic with anticipation. I’m still figuring out this whole ‘WordPress’ thing. Also, as I am not yet in Lindi, do not yet have my own internet access, nor have I had much time to sit down and actually author a decent post, I will not do so until next week some time.

Until then, Zanzibar with Ola and Doug for a weekend of scuba diving, beaching, and frisbee-ing. Wish us luck on the ferry! They say Azam Ferries (our carrier) is the safest *knock on wood*.