Today Ola, Doug and I made the trek to Nungwe on Zanzibar. After a high speed ferry ride to the island, and a meal at the Africa House in Stonetown, we hopped a Daladala (minibus) for a bumpy sweaty hour ride to our resort. It is called Mnarani, it is lovely, and I’m sure even lovelier in the day time. (*Edit: Yup! Way lovelier in the day time!)

As we left Stonetown, the chaotic, claustrophobia and density receded to be replaced by the green of agriculture and wildland. With the openness, the weight of the last week receded to be replaced with a sense of calm that had been absent.

Don’t get me wrong, I have been loving the intensity of the last week in Dar! The challenge of navigation, of ensuring safety, of communication and intracity travel. But I am not a city person. As we left Stonetown that fact was reaffirmed for me.

I also felt reassured of my decision to reject Aga Khan’s initial offer of a Fellowship in Dar. Perhaps Lindi will not be the most exciting placement location. It is remote, it lacks many basic amenities (let alone luxuries), I will have a casual relationship with electricity, and there’s not much of a social scene going on. Yes, I will occasionally have to escape.

But it is my hope that Lindi is a place where I will find a peaceful space in which to flourish in this opportunity. To recover from the intellectual/personal challenges of the last two years, and to figure out my next steps as I begin my 30’s.

I guess we’ll see starting Monday when I hop on a plane to take the next step, on the beginning of this adventure.

Until then, a cabin on the beach, a beer in hand, a book to read, a frisbee to toss, and two good friends to relax with. I mean, right now I am lying in a padded wicker swing, under the clearest night’s sky I’ve seen since the arctic, with a glass of wine.

Not a bad way to end week 1 in Tanzania.